How You Should Wash Bras, The New Laundry Rules for 2019

Wearing a clean bra is part of maintaining personal hygiene. A bra that attaches to skin will get dirty easily because of dust and sweat. If not washed thoroughly, skin problems such as itching can arise.

Therefore, bras should be washed regularly. However, how to wash the bra? Find out the answer in the following review.

How To Wash Bras Properly

1 Separate the bra with other clothes
After the bra is worn, you will definitely mix it with other dirty clothes. However, when washing bras, you should separate them from other dirt clothing. The goal is to make it easier for you to wash your bra.

If you wash with a washing machine along with other clothes, the bra hook will easily get stuck with other clothes. As a result, your clothes or bra are at risk of damage.

2 Select the water temperature as needed
One of the ways to wash a bra properly is to make sure the water temperature is in accordance with the condition and type of bra. Using hot water can indeed lift stains, but can also reduce the level of bra elasticity.

To avoid damage, you should use warm water when washing the bra. This water option is suitable for use if your bra does look very dirty. For example, spilled food or after exercise.

If the bra is not stained, you can use cold water. Bra with wire should also be washed with cold water. Bra wire is usually made of iron, plastic, or resin which can be easily damaged if exposed to constant heat.

3 Wash by hand is better
Washing a bra with a washing machine is indeed more practical. However, bras are better washed by hand. Especially, bra and lace.

This bra is very easily interlocked with other bras if washed together in the washing machine.

How to wash a bra by hand is quite easy. You only need to put the bra in the basin. Then, give cold water with a little detergent. Let stand for a few moments, brush the stained part gently. Then, rinse thoroughly with water.

4 Use detergent, but don’t overdo it
Washing the bra is not only enough with water. You also need detergent so that more dirt is more effectively cleaned. However, don’t use it excessively.

Using too much detergent will make the residue stick to the bra when rinsed. In people with sensitive skin, detergent residues can trigger skin problems.

5 Dry your bra
The last way to wash a bra is to let it dry by itself. Drying a bra with hairdryer, for example, is indeed faster. But this will reduce bra elasticity. As a result, your bra is also damaged more quickly.

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