4 Tricks to Overcome Headaches From Computer Screen (1 Minute Less)

Cell phones, computer screens or laptops are also electronic devices that are used daily when working. However, did you know that looking at a computer screen for too long can cause headaches?

This condition can certainly hamper your activities and work. For this reason, for work and activities to run smoothly, you need to overcome this pain.

The cause of headaches due to prolonged staring at a computer screen

In the world of health, there is the term CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome, aka computer vision syndrome. This computer-related syndrome can affect the health of your eyes and neck area to your head.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who take too long to see a computer screen complaining of headaches and vision problems. This condition is caused by focus and eye movements that are only aimed at one direction for a long time.

The longer you pay attention to a point, the more severe the impact is.

In 2014 a study was conducted involving 500 students from the United Arab Emirates. In the study found nearly half of the students had vision and other health problems.

Starting from headaches to dry and tired eyes they complain. This was apparently due to the visibility and duration of use of the computer without the rest they did while attending lectures or every day.

Although it may not have long-term effects, a headache from looking at a computer screen for too long can hamper activity.

That is why it is important for you to know how to deal with headaches due to staring at the screen for too long.

How to Overcome Headaches Due To Computer Screen

1 Breathing exercises

While sitting in front of a computer screen,

Start to breathe deeply and slowly several times, then exhale slowly. Do this several times until your headache feels less.

2 Meditation

Meditation in the office? Of course, I can. This can be done simply by focusing on the things that make you comfortable. Starting from the environment, the environment, or anything that keeps you away from the pile of work.

Although it can only be done in spare time, at least by doing meditation, the headaches that arise from constantly staring at a computer screen can be slightly resolved.

3 Improve body posture

When working behind a computer, sometimes your posture is wrong, so that it affects the pain in the head. For example, an uncomfortable neck position can make the area of your head feel depressed.

Therefore, improving posture is one way to deal with headaches when looking at a computer screen. This can be done by:

Position the computer screen to parallel to your eyes. At least, the center of the screen is 50-60 cm from your eyes.

Check the shoulder position while typing. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, try to relax.

Try to keep your arms from resting on the keyboard.

Adjust the height of the chair so your feet can step on the floor.

4 Adjust computer lighting

In addition to the posture and position of the screen, you can also adjust the computer’s lighting so that headaches due to viewing the computer screen for a long time can feel lighter.

If it’s too bright, your eyes will get too much light and make the eyes hurt. Conversely, too dark also makes it difficult for you to see, and make the eyes work harder and lead to headaches.