Why Do You Can’t Stop Farting When Exercising?

When the stomach is in trouble, you will fart more often. However, have you ever felt a constant fart during exercise? Whether it’s yoga, running, or weight training.

Is this normal? So, what causes you to continue to fart during exercise?

Fart is a gas in your stomach. This gas is produced mostly when the body digests food. Well, farts contain various gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.

All gas is broken down by the intestine and cannot stay in the stomach. The gas must be released from the body.

Don’t worry, it turns out farting during exercise is normal. There are several reasons why you often fart during physical activity, such as:

1 Sports movement

Did you know that exercise can actually trigger bowel movements? Peyton Berookim, MD, a lecturer at the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California said on the Health page, “Any movement that affects posture, can push the gas in the stomach out through the anus.”

These include swaying, pushing, squatting or bending. This movement is usually done when doing pilates exercises, yoga, cycling, or lifting weights.

In addition, continued to fart during exercise can also occur when doing aerobic exercises such as jumping rope or running. The exercise allows the organs in the body to go up and down, thus accelerating the rate of gas in the stomach out through the anus.

2 Breathing during exercise

In addition to movement, it turns out breathing during exercise can also trigger farts. How come? Exercise can affect your breathing faster, for example when you run. This causes the air to go to the pulmonary organ, pushed partially into the stomach and intestines quickly.

In addition to the fast gas rate, improper breathing during exercise also allows excessive gas in the stomach. As a result, gas will accumulate and the body needs to pass it through farts that may be continuous when you exercise.

3 Types of food before starting exercise

Food is one of the reasons you fart frequently. Moreover, if certain types of food are eaten before you exercise.

According to the Mayo Clinic page, nuts, cabbage, cabbage, milk, and foods containing fructose and sorbitol cause flatulence making it vulnerable to making a person poop.

4 Drink plenty of water quickly

In addition to certain types of food, drinking quickly can also make you continue to fart during exercise. Drinking in a hurry in large quantities causes more air to be swallowed into the digestive tract.

As a result, the gas is pushed into the intestine and excreted through the anus with other gases.

Prevents From Continuing To Fart During Exercise

Even though it is healthy, the constant flushing of the winds can certainly make you disturbed and even embarrassed.

If you don’t want farts to interfere with sports rituals, you can outsmart them. Follow the following tips:

Eat at least an hour before you start exercising. Rows of fart triggers mentioned earlier, do not have the same effect on everyone. So, you need to try first whether these foods really trigger farts on you or not.

Do breathing exercises well. You do this by increasing concentration on each movement, do the movements slowly not in a hurry.

Drink calmly. So as not to continue to fart during exercise you can drink more often in the break session. Instead of drinking lots of water after exercise has finished. So, you will not be thirsty and drink in a hurry.