Falling in Love Increase Your Body Immune In These Ways

In 2018 there was a study that revealed that when people fall in love it affects the functioning of their body’s immune system.

In the study involved 47 female college students in America. At the time they entered college, all participants had just started their relationship which had lasted approximately one month.

Those involved in the study have similar conditions, such as:

  • Heterosexual
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not an active smoker
  • Not currently taking drugs related to the heart and immune system
  • Will be in the same city for the next 6 months

In that study, they must answer the question, “Have you fallen in love with your partner?”

The result, 36% of women who claimed to start loving their partners had an increase in their body’s defense system activity against the virus. This change was clearly seen compared to 54% of women who were not in love at the start of the study.

This may be caused by the release of the hormone oxytocin when you fall in love and be near a partner.

This hormone can make the immune system function better through the coordination of neuroendocrine tissue activity, namely the activity of the central nervous system in the brain which is coordinated with the hormone oxytocin in enhancing the body’s immune system.

Therefore, when people are in love, they are more resistant to disease because they can increase their immune system.

Boost the Immune System Even You Are Not In Love

Not everyone feels in love every time. Even so, you can still improve your immune system and get the health benefits of being in love with those around you.

For example, positive and close relationships in a family or friendship also have almost the same effect as falling in love.

Simple treatments, such as touching, holding hands, or hugging help you connect with others. The good news, it is also able to boost the immune system and prevent disease.

Because of the release of the same hormone as when falling in love, namely oxytocin. This hormone appears when you are hugging or experiencing physical touch with people you love and feel connected to you.

Whatever your current relationship status, feeling in love or not, having a positive relationship is important for your physical and mental health.