4 Causes Keloids That Appear Suddenly On Your Skin

Keloids are scars that grow excessively so that they appear more raised than the surrounding skin surface. Keloid tissue usually appears after the skin has recovered from the wound, but there are also keloids that appear suddenly.

Keloid tissue can interfere with appearance because it appears to thicken with a different color. So, what exactly makes keloids appear even without injuries before?

Causes of keloids that appear suddenly

Keloid formation is an aggressive response to your body when injured or injured. The trigger can be from an incision, surgery, burning, acne, smallpox, piercing, and vaccine injections.

Cases of keloids that arise spontaneously are very rare. In fact, the truth about this condition is still being debated. The reason is, it cannot be ascertained whether keloids can indeed form without injury at all or not.

However, a study published in the journal Dermatology found a bright spot. Study participants who had keloids without a previous wound turned out to have genetic diseases or had taken a type of drug.

What Happens If Your Keloid Scars Are Not Treated?

Here are some conditions related to keloids that appear suddenly:

1 Bethlem myopathy
Bethlem myopathy is a rare genetic disease that attacks skeletal muscles and connective tissue. This disease makes the muscles and joints become weak so that the patient will eventually need a mobility aid.

The main characteristics of Bethlem myopathy include weakness in the muscles of the arms and upper legs, excess production of keratin in hair follicles, and formation of keloid tissue. Patients also have forearm muscles that continue to contract and look short.

2 Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome is a genetic disease characterized by short body postures, impaired intelligence, and wide thumbs.

Sufferers also have a higher risk of developing tumors, both of which can develop into cancer or not.

Keloids that appear suddenly in patients with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome can be a tumor. Therefore, people who have keloids without having suffered any injuries are advised to undergo further tests.

3 Dubowitz syndrome
Like the two previous diseases, Dubowitz syndrome is a very rare genetic disease. This disease is characterized by stunted growth, small head size, mild mental disorders, and skin problems.

Skin problems that arise are generally in the form of eczema. However, it is also possible for sudden formation of keloid tissue. This condition needs to be treated with routine treatment with a dermatologist.

4 Use of letrozole
Letrozol is a drug used to treat breast cancer in women who have passed menopause. In the study, participants who took letrozole experienced new keloid formation after two months.

used to treat breast cancer in women who have passed menopause. In the study, participants who took letrozole experienced new keloid formation after two months.

When asked to stop taking letrozole, new keloids no longer form. Subsequent trials gave similar results, but it has not been concluded yet whether letrozole is the only cause of sudden appearing keloids.

The formation of keloids is actually a normal thing that can happen to many people. Keloids can also increase in size slowly and can only be removed with special procedures. However, this condition is not dangerous.

You just need to be aware of keloids that appear suddenly. Immediately check your condition to the doctor to find out the cause. Although it does not cause immediate danger, this type of keloid can indicate a tumor on the skin.