6 Ways To Detox Social Media Addiction

Almost every one of us has one social media account. Are you among those who can’t miss the social media scrolling timeline every day?

Although the original purpose was to update the latest info, seeing the rows of posts on your mobile screen for long can undermine the mind. Well, this might be the time for you to start a social media detox.

Various studies have reported that the use of social media in the long term can change mindset and mental harm.

Behind all the beauty of photos and the excitement of people’s stories in the online world, the use of social media in the long run can have a negative impact on mental health.

Such as increased risk of depression, insomnia, poor body image, decreased self-confidence, anxiety disorders and eating disorders, to self-harming behavior (self-harm).

All of these risks are strongly suspected to emerge as a tangible manifestation of our subconscious tendencies that become like comparing themselves with other people’s lives so that they do not enjoy life. This theory has been explained in a study entitled Online Social Networking and Mental Health published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.

How To Detox Social Media Addiction

1 Keep the handphone out of reach

Starting a social media detox is not easy. Especially if you have a lot of free time.

But once the opportunity arises, immediately move your cellphone or other electronic device out of your reach. Especially if you don’t have much activity. Immediately “fill” your bare hands with other activities so as not merely to reach for the mobile phone.

Also keep the phone out of your hand’s reach and change to silent or vibrate mode when working. This makes it easier for you to focus more on completing tasks more efficiently.

Even when being together with family or friends. If possible, invite them to commit to putting their cell phones out of reach so they can focus more on socializing and spending valuable time together.

2 Create an alarm to limit social access time

The most efficient way to detox social media is to limit the time to access it. The reasonable limit for using social media according to psychologists is 30 minutes to one hour per day.

You can divide the total 1 hour in several “sessions” for the whole day. For example, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch, 15 minutes when traveling home on public transportation, and 15 minutes at dinner.

To avoid going too far, remind yourself to log out of your social media accounts by installing an alarm. There are also many applications that can help remind you when you have reached the set time limit.

It is better to avoid accessing social media before bedtime, because it can disturb the quantity and quality of sleep.

3 Turn off social media notifications

Turn off notifications for all your social media so as not to intermittently tempted check your cellphone to see the latest updates. Unless the account is used for work needs.

If necessary, set any application that is installed on the front display of the mobile. Try to install pairs that are only needed.

4 Create the “Mobile Free” area

Although it sounds silly, it never hurts to try this way. You can set yourself any area in the house that is not allowed to carry let alone play gadgets. For example, in the TV room or dining room to enjoy your time with family.

5 Make a schedule for “A Day Without Social Media”

Determine one day a week for the moment “a day without social media”. For example Sunday, so you can spend time gathering with friends or family, also doing a hobby that you like.

6 Remove social media applications

One extreme way that can be done to detox social media is to remove the application. This last way will inevitably be the last solution if you are still “stubborn” to open social media after doing the various tips above.

You don’t need to delete everything. Choose one or two social media applications that make the most “collect” and make you spend a lot of time there.

If you are not ready, you can delete it for several days to feel the benefits. Re-download if you want to use it, and delete it again a few days after.

Extend the time of removal from time to time, if you are getting used to, and finally delete the total application.