3 Most Effective Ways To Make Your Nose Sharp

Here are some ways to make your nose sharp and proven effective and safe.

1 Makeup

Sticking nose with makeup you have at home is the most inexpensive way. You just need to prepare a primer, foundation, concealer, matte bronzer and highlighter.

Primer, foundation and concealer have a duty to even out skin tone and disguise annoying blemishes. Now to make a sharp nose, you will rely a lot on the bronzer and highlighter.

Bronzers are used to darken the skin on the sides of the nose and lobes to give the impression of a thin nose bone. While highlighter is used along the bridge of the nose, the inside of the eyes, and cheekbones to emphasize the shape of the nose.

If the contour technique is done in the right way, you can get a naturally pointed nose. However, be careful. Make sure you choose a makeup product that suits your skin type, yes! Instead of having a sharp nose, the wrong makeup products actually make your skin break out.

2 Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one way to make your nose sharp through a surgical procedure that should only be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon.

This procedure can be done inside the nose or through a small incision at the base of the nose between your two nostrils. The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts for about 90 minutes.

The surgeon can change the shape of your nose or cartilage in a number of ways, depending on the structure of the nose, the material used, and how many parts need to be removed or added.

Just like other medical procedures, rhinoplasty also has the potential for side effects from mild to severe. Here are some of the side effects of rhinoplasty that you need to know about.

Pain, swelling, until bruises in the area around the nose

Nasal congestion, making it a bit difficult for you to breathe

The nose feels numb or numb

Incision scar in the nose

In certain cases, you may also experience excessive bleeding after surgery. In fact, further operations can also be done if there are problems with nasal function.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, this procedure can also be performed to correct a disproportionate nose shape due to an accident or congenital defect in the nose. This procedure can also improve the airway if the wall between the two sides of the nose (septum) is bent or distorted,

3 Fillers

Another way to make your nose sharp is the injectable filler. Filler becomes a faster alternative choice at a much cheaper price than rhinoplasty. But indeed, the end result is temporary.

The doctor will fill the soft tissue under the surface of the nasal skin with liquid filler so that the nose looks more full and sharp. Afterwards, the skin around your nose might turn red and swollen, but this is a normal reaction. These side effects will usually subside after a few hours.

Safe nose fillers provided they are done by certified and experienced professionals. Remember, never take the risk and bargain to treat the face. Inappropriate procedures even produce disappointing results, even endanger yourself.

So, make sure you do this procedure in beauty clinics that are trusted and have a good reputation.